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Invest and get passive income from 0.7 to 1.1% per day

We want and hope that BuySell will become a truly useful project, which will include not only material benefit, but also an understanding that you are bringing real benefits to the planet, nature, and animals.  We need to direct blockchain on the right way and become a strong useful project.  Each person investing in BuySell gives 5% of their funds to benefit the animals. 

By investing in BuySell, you provide liquidity for the project, which is one of the main factors for attracting the attention of investors.  If you provide liquidity to BuySell, you get profit in Invest BOX in the form of BULL coins, which you can reinvest or sell on one of the exchanges. 


The referral program helps to actively promote the BuySell project, and users earn more. Payment for referral invitations is carried out in Invest BOX.
The referral program has 5 levels.
Rewards are paid from any package bought by your referral.
To receive a referral bonus, you must activate at least the Bronze package - 10
If your referral activates additional packages, you will also receive percents from the activated packages

There are additional bonuses for active members of the referral program.
When referrals of the 1st level reach purchases in the amount of 5000 BULL, you get an additional bonus + 5%

We invite you to join our community on this journey and be part of something big and right.